Arnold Sebutinde is a celebrated local artist and founder of Spontaneous Portraits, an exquisite portrait business positioned at the forefront of craftsmanship in terms of talent and creativity.

Originally from Uganda, Arnold was studying architecture in University before falling into a downward spiral which lead him on the wrong side of the law and subsequently serving time in prison. During his sentence, he spent countless hours reflecting on his life and came to a crossroads. He decided he could either return to a life of crime upon release which he knew would eventually break him or, having rediscovered his passion for art, he could strive to set up his own business by working hard at mastering his craft.


His unique self taught drawing technique and eye for detail sets him apart from others and he draws inspiration from life experiences, using his artistic talent as a medium to convey a deep emotion with every stroke. Among his works, a video of him drawing “Ashes Heroes” using both hands simultaneously has attracted plenty of media praise and his thought provoking “New Horizon”, centred around the concept of freedom, ambitiously pushes the boundaries of contemporary art.


When he isn’t at the easel with a pencil glued to his hand, Arnold enjoys spending time with family, making music with friends and attending fundraising events for the Prince’s Trust who helped him start up his business.


Arnold believes in making something out of nothing and aims to inspire the next generation of artists by establishing Spontaneous Portraits as a platform for talented individuals to utilise their skills and realise their full potential.