'Sami Magink is a well-established, self-taught custom tattoo artist based in London. Throughout his three year undergraduate course at Brunel University, in which he successfully graduated and became a bachelor of arts with honours, he managed to teach himself how to tattoo, simultaneously successfully completing the strenuous tasks of writing significant major essays and that of teaching himself the trade of tattooing. When asked how he taught himself to tattoo, Sami happily replied: ‘I learnt most about tattooing by tattooing my own legs, feet and hand. Tattooing myself allowed me to learn the correct depth of the skin. I also owe a big thank you to my family and friends for being willing living canvases for me. Thank you.’ Throughout the past eight years Sami has formed a tattoo technique which has become very popular with his customers. He specialises in black and grey work and gains true fulfillment seeing their pleasure on completion of one of his tattoos After spending significant time with Sami you realise that he has a warm uplifting and positive aura. Being around him makes you feel a sense of calm and his polite personality makes him the perfect candidate for this website. We look forward to seeing what Sami has in store for us in 2016.'' London, UK