Sarah was born in North Yorkshire in 1970. She started working with children in 1993 as a classroom assistant doing arts and crafts and teaching embroidery. A few years later she was encouraged to do a community dance leadership course after her daughter (who had been taught to dance by Sarah) was spotted by a local lady. From there, Sarah setup and ran a successful youth dance project in her local village.

After moving to London in 2007 Sarah started volunteering with local youth theatrical company. She was passionate about and loved working with young people but decided to take a break in 2011 after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 at the age of 39.

Needing a diversion for both herself and her two children from the endless round of hospital appointments, Sarah decided it would be fun for them to start collecting autographs from celebrities at red carpet events. Sarah also decided to boost her own confidence not only by appearing in a charity cancer calendar but also a music video and as an extra in an Indie film.

In 2012, Sarah was diagnosed with a recurrence of stage 3 cancer, she decided to add a new challenge to the autograph collecting and in 2013, she started painting portraits of celebrities and getting them to sign them at events. Although Sarah had always sketched and doodled, she had not studied art at school and never worked with paints. From this, Sarah created 'Paint C Out' and from there

The idea of these projects is to 'create a family drop in facility for parents with cancer and their children to offer support for the whole family but especially the children.

Both Maggie's and Macmillan recognize that there is a gap in support for children who have a parent suffering from cancer and Sarah hopes that she will be able to expand her projects to help more families.

July 7th - July 18th, 2015 Sarah will be holding her first ever art and photography exhibit at the The Tabernacle, Nottinghill, London.

August 1st, 2015 Sarah will be walking from London to Scarborough (her home town) encouraging others to share their stories on cancer support and ideas on how it can be improved and even walk a few of the many miles with her to raise money for their cancer charities.

October 2015 Sarah will be walking the catwalk in London for Breast Cancer Care. Promoting awareness and raising much needed funds for breast cancer research.